Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Hectic Schedule


Everything get worse if I don't manage it properly.
okeyh, this is holiday..everyone loves holiday!!
me too..i wanna enjoy myself..get enough sleep..
wasting most of the time if front of TV..

Early in the morning...
I got a called from......
Let read the conversation...

kring3~kring3..( tone : Grenade..easy come..easy go..~ )


yeah..wsalm...may I speak to naim please?

yeah..Im on the phone..who are u? 
anything that I can help u sir?

Im KPT Kem Warisan PLKN u still remember me?

 What?? APT? sorrryy..i am not clear..

 Im KPT Kem Warisan...can't u recognized me?

 Yaa..yaa...I know Kem Warisan..but who aree you?
( HAHHA..mamai~ jus awaken from sleep)

Im KPT Rozeman....

Ohhhh!!! Sure I remember U captain,sorry capt, I just awaken from my bed..
so,what d purpose  sir?

Do you free from 10 oct till 14 Oct?? I would like to invite u to join our convoy from Melaka to JB then to Milinium Kem and then to Bukit Jalil... and this is the reunion for PLKN members. PM will be there and waiting for our arrival. But, for our trip to Bukit Jalil, we have prepared 5 buses. So, please do contact ur frens to join our reunion.If u dont mind, please come to Kem Warisan at 10 Oct, I will be there.We only need 4 persons to join us.And ure the second one. So, do you interested to join us?

errrr...Im not sure yet sir, but I do interested to join this convoy. Actually On 13 Oct I have MUET test. So, maybe On 13 I cant go to Milinum Kem.. But I may join the trip to Bukit Jalil. I will confirm it later capt.

okeyh2. In case If you can't join us on 13 Oct. Its okeyh. U can come on 14 Oct, and I will go with u to Bukit Jalil with other members of Alumni Kem Warisan for our reunion.

 ok capt. Btw, tanx for this invitation. Im glad to be the selected one.

~~~ end~~

See??? This evening I will have a trip to Terengganu until 9 Oct...
Then, 10 Oct - 14 Oct I have a trip with Alumni Plkn..

Lets See My Schedule

6  - 9 Oct  : Trip to Terengganu
10- 14 Oct : PLKN Convoy
13 Oct       : MUET Speaking Test
14 Oct       : I have JPJ Test for Motor act ( may postpone )
14 Oct       : Reunion PLKN at Bukit Jalil many things clashes.............

This is my hectic schedule....I shall manage it properly.
Muet is the most important now!!

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