Saturday, October 22, 2011

Real Steel Awesome !!


Yesterday I watched Real Steel
at Dataran Pahlawan

Unexpected amazing movie
Its really awesome <3

I like it damn munch!

What a great and emotional movie.
*u might cry if u bring ur heart inside the story and I did it ;(

Its about the boxing competitions among Steel Robots over the world
It had been a very popular fighting in the country
Everyone loves to attend the competition
and Zeus is a well known Steel Robot which never falled to any other robots
had been challenged by a small-rubbish Steel Robot named Atom.

Atom is very clever and multiskills robot
People called him Human Robot
Its very nice ;)

The movie is not only about the fighting of the robots
but the main theme is 
love between father and son

The son who is Max
is a very clever and cute boy! 
He discovered Atom and trained him by the support of his father

*If can, i want to buy Atom and being my gud friends.

You shall get the movie before late!
Go and buy the ticket
and I promise u
it brings a wonderful-challenges-emotional movie

If u want to know the full story of the movie
Get the ticket as soon as possible
It was a great movie
So, dont ever miss it ya

~ The End ~

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Mohamad Nasruddin said...

woii,tengok tak ajak orang..haha.

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