Thursday, November 3, 2011

The History oF KFC in this world :)


Guys I just awaken from my sweet night mare
and now is 3.30 A.M

(This is tahajjud time not bloggging)

Act I just read about the history of KFC
in Dare to Fail written by Billi P.S Lim
Yesss this is an older book
and had been published for ages

But it was very good inside
If You Are Able To Find It
Just Find It
This Is The Best Selling Author

There are a lot of stories about failing in life
and most of them ar related in our life

So, I believe everyone knows KFC right ?
What is the background of KFC?
Who is the person introduce it?

Dear Readers Do Read This Story

Colonel Harland D.Sanders was born in 1890, on a farm near Henryville,Indiana.When he was six years old, his father died.His mother then had to work as a seamstress while he cared for his younger brother and sister. It was during that time and his mother taught the young boy the art of country cooking.

Not long after his mother remarried, 12 year old Harland quit school, moved out of his family house and started the first of his many jobs that included farmhand, railroad conductor, fireman. insurance salesman, steamboat operator and much more. Eventually, Sanders opened a successful service station from which he fed travellers his speciality - Fried Chicken at a single table with six chairs.

It seems as though adversity was a constant companion of Sanders. In 1939, his rapidly growing business was burned to the ground. Undaunted, Sanders built another restaurant and motel with a new twist. Anyone wishing to use the pay phone or ladies restroom had to actually walk through a replica of one of his motel rooms. This room-sized advertisement help keep his motel business thriving.

By the time Sanders was earning a comfortable living, another disaster struck. A new highway bypass carried away most of his customers. Business soured quickly,and Sanders was forced to sell his business at an auction. The proceeds were just enough to cover his debts.

Harland Sanders was already 66 years old and had nothing to show nearly 55 years old of labour. Rather than sit back and collect social security, he was determined to find another market niche. His most valuable asset was his secret recipe, which he called "Kentucky Fried Chicken". By 1956, Sanders was able to convince about a dozen restaurant to make and sell his chicken and pay him a 4-US cent royalty on each piece they sold.

Buoyed by his modest success, Sanders packed his 1945 pick up truck with a 50 pund band of seasoning and a pressure cooker and took to the road to sign up more "Franchisees." By 1960, 400 restaurants in the United States and Canada were cooking Kentucky Fried Chicken. Within four years, the number of outlet approached 650 and annual sales reached US$37 million.

Today nearly 15000 Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants worldwide with more than 200,000 employees and annual sales in excess of US$10 billion.

And now everything get easier and faster
We can order it on9
and the items will be deliver to our houses

Dear readers, we shall take this as a challenge
In our life we will face a lot of problems and failure
but only the strongest person can success in the life

Failure brings us closer to the domain of humility which is a vital ingredient for success.

If at first you don't succeed, try looking in the waste paper basket for the directions you threw away.

I Hope This Story Is Beneficial For Us

Tanx For Reading Bloggers

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