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Seri Cempaka In Memory. Nice Experience As a Facilitator.

Assalamualaikum dear readers,

It have been several days I failed to keep updating my blog as usual..well i was quite busy last week for having some works and joining a program organized by Seri Cempaka, the International School located at Cheras Kuala Lumpur.

For about two days I was there to be a part of Cempaka Islamic Association committee in organizing this program clearly and successfully. Somehow I am not the student there, I just coming to lend my hand as a Facilitator in d program which known as FaithBook !

Congratulations to the founder of this least ure trying well to beat Mark Zuckerberg ! Hoping that Faithbook will be very popular as well as facebook...we are using this trademark to get attention and attraction by the students there in uphold this program effectively.

Our main objective in this program is to teach and guide them reading alQuran in a proper way with an excellent Tajwid and great makhraj ! They are all coming from different background of families and some of them are not having much time to focus on Al-quran and even learn about Quran.

This is the reason why Cempaka Islamic Association think that they shall do someting in helping those students who are having a problem in reciting al-Quran kareem, our fundamental law of d land. We are all know that they are coming from rich families and their lifestyle is much much different from other students in other schools. So, to keep balance and neutralize their lifestyle in a good manner with a good Islamic knowledge...we are providing them with this Module..

Me as a facilitator are trying hard to share everything that I know to them..For me, this is the great chance and opportunity to share all the knowledge that I ever study with my Muslims members as they are all deserve to know it ! They are Muslims so, they shall know how to read al-quran with a proper Tajwid and makhraj. This is my responsibility to help and guide them in order to be a gud Muslim in d least they get something from this program and will realize how important Al-quran is in our daily life. It is the greatest Mukjizat Ever Green given by Prophet Muhammad saw. 

Look ! How focus they are in doing their task !

This awesome group is under Me and Wan Syazwan. After ice breaking we are decided to give "Saha Zuhuddin" as our group name. The purpose we choose Zuhud was actually to put the feeling of humbleness in d heart of each members of d group towards Allah swt. They are all very nice and give full of commitment along the program. I shall say thank you to all of them ! ^^ They were very interested to know about Quran as they were lending me a pail of questions to be answered. Luckily, me and Syazwan managed to answer it brilliantly :D

To tell u the truth, when I was entering the school i was thinking that its hard for me to mix up with the private students as they are coming from rich families and their status as the International School student make me feel like a small ant walking in the group of Elephants. They are speaking fluently and honestly I am not very good in speaking ^^  however my first expectation was wrong as they were very friendly..I manage to bridge the gap between us and become a part of them.. Ismail, Dayat, Faris, Naqib and Syahidan ..For your information we are winning the best Group in this program..Well, this is Saha Zuhuddin..hopefully will see u again guys!!

Talking about d school, Cempaka International School was officially created in 1983.. It has 3 branches of Cempaka which located at Cheras,Damansara and Sepang..The picture above is taken in front of the main block of Cempaka..The school is really awesome and having a beautiful scenery with complete facilities.. Once I stepped there, I felt that I was in London, Uk, France or any other Universities in overseas. Cempaka is the Best Private School among all the private schools in Malaysia and The Chairman of Cempaka is also the Head Chairman of all private schools. The student here is from kindergarten until A-Level student..How lucky they are to study here in a very beautiful and awesome school. Thats why, I feel very lucky too to be here and giving some contributions towards the students .

The night before d program, we were having a meeting with all the facilitators including Men and Women all together..As this is d first date for all of us, so we started the meeting with Taaruf session as suggested in Surah Al-hujrat verse 13. How lucky I am to meet new friends here.. Kaif, Pali and Aiman..and other Muslimat ^^  The rest of men are my former schoolmate, Kolej Islam Sultan Alam Shah which are Wan Syazwan, Muhammad, Safuwan and Syazwan Shaharum. Pali and Aiman are older than me..they are the former Cempakan and currently studying abroad..

We were having a great time together...watching television, youtube, talking, laughing, eating, joking, and sharing some stories.. Tanx Allah for giving me nice friends in this world..within 3 days we manage to build up a great ukhwah..and I will remember all of u in my du'a..may Allah bless ^^  

Even though we are not meant to enjoy the KFC and Burger Bakar together, at least we are  having a great Sahur with Mee Sedap and Mamee together ! hahaha.. ^^ 

The picture taken before we are going back home... From the left, Kaif, Wan, Mad, Safuwan, Me, and Syazwan... Aiman is the one who snap the picture and Pali left the house earlier than all of us.. Then we were leaving the house early in the morning... I was sending them to LRT Station and then I went home alone with a sad feeling inside.. When will meet again? The biggest question mark played around my mind..

When I was driving,I felt very sleepy and dozing off frequently as no one in the car to talk with me..I stopped at RnR Seremban and sleep in the car for an hour.. hahaha ^^  Me safely reached home at about 11 o'clock ... 

Tanx to All the Committee of Faithbook for inviting me in ur program ! I am coming here is actually to learn something..and Alhamdulillah I get something from this program.. What goes around, come around.. What u give, u get back.. and now I get new friends, new experiences, and new knowledge by the end of d program... Sent my regards to all Cempakan :) 



nak jugak sebut burger bakar dia tu...

cindyrina said...

mee sedap memang sedap! faithbook need to check out this!

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