Friday, November 2, 2012

Future Malay Lawyers of UM and UKM :)

Some of the UM&UKM Law Students accidentally met at UM Halls of Tuanku Chancellor :)

About a month ago, in d middle of October, UM being a host for d Final Match of Malay Debate PM, I am one of the UKM's supporters went along with them to give support to our debate team with full of hope that we can win the Cup !

The Final Debate was between UKM and UIA and was broadcasting through channel 9..Our Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib also along came and watch the debate by himself.. How lucky they are !

However, the most lucky team fall to UIA as they won the match and got RM30000 for their team meanwhile UKM got 2nd Place and got RM25000 ! Its not much different i think ! hehe

After the debate, I met all my friends who further study there..They are among the selected Malay Boys which studying Law at UM as they are only 13 Malays boys taking law in UM. See, how great they are !! :)

With my former foundation classmates ! Um Ukm Uum :)

Geographic separate us to Um , Ukm and Uum but Friendship unite us in this small world of Malaysia !!  Glad to met them my siblings :)

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