Monday, February 4, 2013

Christiano Ronaldo's Own Goal . First Time Ever .

No matter who you are, which club you are, how skillful you are, what level you are, that's all cant denied that you are still a human who make mistakes in this life.

Yesterday, one miracle history surprised everyone especially Real Fans when Christiano Ronaldo's own goal put Real to lost the game against Granada, the lower rank football team 1-0. It was the first time ever in his career to make this such foolish goal as he is among the most expensive players in the world.

Ronaldo’s career is packed with goals of all sorts and from all angles, but he had never in 10 and a half seasons found the back of his team’s net until he headed a corner over goalkeeper Diego Lopez in a flubbed attempt to clear 22 minutes in.

Madrid’s fifth loss in 12 away games this season left it 15 points behind Barcelona before the Spanish league leader visits Valencia on Sunday. Atletico Madrid is four points ahead of Madrid heading into Sunday’s game against Real Betis.

Real coach Jose Mourinho announced he had already given up winning the league before Christmas and this latest blow means that Barcelona can increase their lead over them to 18 points if they win away to Valencia on Sunday.

There were doubts over whether or not Ronaldo would play as he is struggling with an ankle injury and his mood didn't improve when he headed a Granada corner into his own goal after 22 minutes.

Real had scored nine goals in their last two league games but they lacked the necessary drive perhaps as a result of a draining El Clasico in midweek where they scraped a 1-1 draw in the first leg of their King's Cup tie with Barcelona

I think Ronaldo might get enough rest to give him new spirit before the next game. Dont let this  mistake ruin all ur dreams. Its a challenge for him as a 5 stars footballer, don't ever do the same thing, and take this as a lesson.

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