Monday, April 7, 2014

3.51 In The Morning

3.51 in the morning,

i just woke up after having such a wonderful dream in my sleep.U come into my dream and i cant stop thinking about you.  Ive been thinking what loves bring for? i used to love someone but things getting harder and at last, we broke up and having our own life respectively.

now, am i falling in love again?
yet, it might be yes. lol. i dont know and i am afraid.

i wonder what she thinks about me, what she feels to me, and what she counts on me. Is she knows that i am trying to get her attention now? is she knows i am doing all i can to make her feels like shes d only woman in the world.

I dont know, what type of guy did she looking for.. i am sorry if i am not ur type.. but i cant stop hoping and praying, u will accept my imperfection..

I know, there are many guys out there waiting for you, i know i am too late to know u.. but i cant stop hoping and praying that, you can give me a chance like i am d only guy u ever knows..

i wonder, did u feel the same thing as i am.
i know, to love someone is easy,
we dont need months or years to love someone ,
it may take only a few seconds to like someone,
and only days to love someone.

and i cant stop hoping and praying,
we can make it easy, then we appreciate every moments together.

coz, ure something and i really want to be ur everything.

politician guy

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